Uzbekistan is famous for the evocatively-named cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Names that conjure up images of ancient civilisations and cruel Emirs ruling with harsh penalties.

Our journey started in Tashkent, before we boarded a high-speed train to Samarkand. Famous for the Registan Square, this city is a curious mix of ancient Islam and Soviet architecture.

Next we drove across the Kizilkum Desert to Bokhara - home to the Fortress Ark and also the Kalyan minaret.

From Bokhara we drove to Khiva, via the ancient city of Nurata and the Aidarkul Lake. Khiva is an incredible city and the perfect place to finish this atmospheric journey through this fascinating Central Asian country.

Uzbekistan is a fascinating country. A unique blend of Soviet-era architecture and ancient Islam. It boasts truly friendly and welcoming people too. Uzbekistan is a must for anyone who has spent time in Northern India, as the dynasty of Akbar, who built the Taj Mahal, were originally from Uzbekistan, and you can see the architectural roots in many of the incredible mosques and madrassas in the country.

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