Although we didn't manage to have great sightings of polar bears on this trip we did see countless other wildlife, including Arctic Foxes, Svalbard Reindeer, Walrus and even a pod of Beluga Whales.

A great part of any voyage in the Arctic is an exploration of the fantastic environment of the region. On numerous zodiac cruises, we explored glaciers, rugged coastline and landed at a number of isolated and deserted settlements.

We also managed a special visit to the deserted Russian mining settlement of Pyramiden. Trapped in the Soviet era, this extensive settlement boasts a bust of Lenin and a drinking house made entirely of empty bottles of booze.

Steve lead a unique photography tour for Intrepid Travel in 2014; on board a ship in the Arctic, cruising around the Svalbard Archipelago. Most of the time, I prefer to head to warm countries, where I can photograph local people. Svalbard is a p[lace that keeps dragging me back though: I love the environment and also the incredible wildlife, including the fearsome polar bear. Unfortunately on this trip we didn't have good sightings of polar bears, but were rewarded with lots of other wildlife.

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Images from Svalbard Explorer 2014

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