Although most famous for the incomparable ruins of Petra, Jordan is home to all sorts of ruins of long-gone civilisations. Even in the capital city of Amman there are ruins, including a Roman Theatre built into a hillside.

After Amman we drove into the desert at Wadi Rum, spending a night photographing star trails. We then headed on to the Red Sea at Aqaba for a snorkelling excursion and some excellent seafood.

Our next stop was the ruined city of Petra, before a night overlooking the vast gorge at Dana.

We then drove to Madaba, via a float at the Dead Sea and a quick explore of the Crusader Castle of Kerak. A final highlight of the trip was a visit the the sprawling Roman city of Jerash.

We visited Jordan at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. Jordan is an amazing country, with incredible ruins and a friendly and open people. Once described to Steve as a quiet home in a noisy neighboured, Jordan offers the keen photographer a wide range of landscapes, from harsh deserts through to the thriving reefs of the Red Sea.

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