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501 travel photography tips is a project by professional travel photographer and writer, Steve Davey to provide 501 illustrated travel photography tips. These are not vitamins: we aren't promising that you will get one-a-day, but we will add to these as regularly as possible!

We hope that you find these tips useful. You can either flick through these tips using the links at the foot of the page, or click here to jump to the index page. As we get more tips up, we will add categories and a search facility.


Steve Davey is a professional photographer and writer based in London. He has travelled to 84 countries photographing people, places, cultures and festivals for a range of publications worldwide. More...

Steve is the author of the BBC's Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die, and has recently released Footprint Travel Photography, the leading guide to travel photography. Many of these tips are adapted from the book. More...unforgetPlaces4PC

To accompany the book, Steve has launched the exclusive Better Travel Photography range of Travel Photography Tours More...

Better Travel Photography was created by Steve Davey to celebrate the art of travel photography, help people improve their travel photography skills and get more out of their travels. Some of the highlights of the site are:

Galleries of Images illustrating various  aspects

501 Travel Photography Tips: 002 | Walk around something ... to look for a different angle

Most of the great travel icons of the world have standard views where everyone stand to take their pictures - making all of them look the same. If you walk around something you can often find a less photographed angle that gives you a more unique image! Still take the usual view but look out for something more creative as well - even if this involves getting up at sunrise and crossing a river!

Taj Mahal through reeds on the far bank of the Yamuna River Steve Davey/

2) Walk around something...

to look for a different angle

Currently we have 46 tips online!

Website, Images and text Steve Davey/ 1990 - 2012

Galleries of Images illustrating various  aspects